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LoadPilot offers a unique service for the procuring of wide load pilots. Either by; Posting (advertising) your quotation request, or by viewing “real time” pilot location availabilities.

Best of all, to use these services… is FREE!

View Pilot Availability

This is the venue where pilots advertise their "real time" location availability. Simply click on a pilot listing to view their contact details.

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Post a Pilot Request or Small Transport Request

Receive quotations for pilot services (including small transport) , by posting your request for quotation. Posting a request is as easy as...

  1. Completing our simple online form

    click here 

  2. Phoning LoadPilot 1300 562374

Once your quote request has been posted, it is added to the “Pilot Board” with email &/or SMS alerts sent to the pilots advising them of your new quote request.

Those pilots that may be of assistance respond directly to you with quotation. Of the quotations you receive (varying price and availability), you deal with WHOMEVER YOU CHOOSE.

What Cargo Types can I Request Transport for..?

Some Pilots may be able to assist in the transporting of;

- Boat on trailer
- Horse Float
- Box Trailer
- General Items (Smaller than a pallet)
- Hotshot (Urgent)


POST Pilot Quote Request

NOTE: LoadPilot.com.au is an online marketing service that specializes in the oversize load pilot industry. It simply delivers (advertises) your pilot quotation request into pilot businesses. LoadPilot DOES NOT participate in any quotation, NOR does it receive commissions. You deal directly with the pilot/s at all times.

Pilots subscribe into this marketplace, to receive your quote request as a job lead into their businesses.