Oversize Load Ahead

HOW IT WORKS - for Pilots

Business Service

As a marketplace, LoadPilot’s aim is to deliver more business to your business. LoadPilot offers a unique service for oversize wide load Pilots to advertise their “real time” location availability, while also receiving quotation requests for their services.

Best of all... ZERO COMMISSION!

Availability Register

This is the venue to “post” (advertise) your current or future available location. With LoadPilot being linked into the Loadshift Transport System…

Avaliability Register

1. Your pilot availability listing/s are also directly visible to heavy transporters.

The location of availability listings are cross matched with individual oversize transport requests appearing on LOADSHIFT.
Pilot listings within a specified radius are directly suggested to transporters (who may be considering carrying out the requested wide load movement).

Pilot Board

Receive &/or access pilot quote request job leads (including requests for the transport of small items).

Requests for pilot services that are logged in LoadPilot.com.au, are automatically alerted to LoadPilot Users by email &/or sms.

Pilot Request sms alert sample...

LoadPilot.com.au Alert #562
Kalgoorlie WA to Broken Hill NSW Wd:4.1mtrs, John Smith -
0477 100 003.

These quote requests may also be viewed by logging into LoadPilot and clicking on the “Pilot Board.”

What Type of Transport Job Leads can I Receive..?

Transport requests for the following Cargo types are available to pilots registered in LoadPilot...

- Boat on trailer
- Horse Float
- Box trailer 
- General Items (Smaller than pallet)
- Hotshot (Urgent)



NOTE: LoadPilot.com.au is an online marketing service that specializes in the oversize load Pilot industry. It simply delivers prospective business (Job Leads) into Pilot businesses. LoadPilot DOES NOT participate in any quotation, NOR does it charge commissions. You deal directly with the prospective customer at all times.